Trenchless Technology Launched

Armed with determination and a love of the trenchless industry, Bernard (Bernie) Krzys created a new company called Trenchless Technology Inc. and launched the first magazine specifically focused on trenchless applications – Trenchless Technology.

Trenchless Technology July-August 1992


First Trenchless Technology Road Show Hosted

Trenchless Technology Road ShowsMore than 160 people attended the first Trenchless Technology Road Show in Orlando, Fla.

Microtunneling Short Course Launched

Microtunneling Short CourseBenjamin Media joined forces with Microtunneling, Inc. and Ozdemir & Associates to launch the Microtunneling Short Course.

TBM: Tunnel Business Magazine Launched

TBM: Tunnel Business Magazine was launched to fill a void in the North American tunneling industry coverage

.TBM: Tunnel Business Magazine January-February 1998 cover

Benjamin Media and CATT Hosted First Conference in Canada

Benjamin Media and the Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies (CATT) teamed up to host the first of many Trenchless Technology Road Shows in Ontario, Canada.

First HDD Rodeo Hosted in Texas

21 directional drilling crews competed at the first HDD Rodeo in Grapevine, Texas. Rice Tunneling & Boring from Duncanville, Texas, took home first place!

1998 HDD Rodeo in Grapevine Texas


Water Asset Management Conference Born

Water Asset Management ConferenceThe UIM Conference Series, now known as the Water Asset Management Conference, was born.

Compact Equipment Launched

The launch of Compact Equipment was a game-changer for Benjamin Media, taking things above ground to cover the small tool-carrier market.

Compact Equipment October 2002 cover

Benjamin Media Retained to Manage NASTT's No-Dig Show

NASTT No-Dig ShowNorth American Society for Trenchless Technology retained Benjamin Media to manage NASTT’s No-Dig Show.

Water Finance & Management Debuted

Water Finance & Management, formerly UIM, made its debut and has been helping utilities manage and finance infrastructure ever since.

UIM November-December 2004 cover   Water Finance and Management June 2017 cover

Corporate Name Changed to Benjamin Media

Benjamin MediaTrenchless Technology Inc. changed its corporate name to Benjamin Media Inc.

Benjamin Media Began Custom Publishing Utility Contractor

Benjamin Media began custom publishing Utility Contractor, the official publication of the National Utility Contractor’s Association (NUCA).

Utility Contractor January 2005 cover


Benjamin Media Broadcast First Live Webinar

Benjamin Media’s first live webinar was broadcast to an audience of 96 attendees.

Breakthroughs in Tunneling Short Course Launched

Tunneling Short CourseBenjamin Media, Microtunneling Inc. and Ozdemir & Associates joined forces again to launch the Breakthroughs in Tunneling Short Course.

Solar Builder Launched

Benjamin Media entered the renewables market with the launch of Alternative Power Construction, now known as Solar Builder.

Alternative Power Construction October 2009 cover    Solar Builder March-April 2012 cover

North American Oil & Gas Pipelines Created

North American Oil & Gas Pipelines magazine was created to cover the business of oil and gas pipeline construction and maintenance.

North American Oil and Gas Pipelines July-August 2009 cover


Benjamin Media Began Custom Publishing NASTT's Trenchless Today

The North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT) hired Benjamin Media to custom publish their membership magazine, NASTT’s Trenchless Today.

NASTT's Trenchless Today Fall 2011 cover


Rob Krzys Promoted to President

Bernard Krzys passed the baton to son and new President, Robert Krzys.

Bernie and Rob Krzys


Trenchless Technology Canada Launched

Trenchless Technology Canada was launched as a quarterly publication to give more coverage to the Canadian trenchless market.

Trenchless Technology Canada October 2014


Benjamin Media Launched Three New Events

Benjamin Media launched three new events – the Water Finance Conference, the Horizontal Directional Drilling Academy and the Pipeline Leadership Conference.

Water Finance Conference, HDD Academy, Pipeline Leadership Conference


Risk Management in Underground Construction Course Launched

Risk Management in Underground ConstructionBenjamin Media, Microtunneling Inc. and Ozdemir & Associates held the first Risk Management in Underground Construction Course.

World Trenchless Day Established

World Trenchless DayBenjamin Media’s Trenchless Technology team established World Trenchless Day on the fourth Thursday of September each year.

Benjamin Media Celebrated 25th Anniversary

Benjamin Media celebrated a major milestone – 25 years of education and groundbreaking media coverage!

Benjamin Media celebrates 25th anniversary

Benjamin Media, Inc


Pipe Cleaning Pro Launched

Pipe Cleaning Pro was launched as a bimonthly magazine to serve plumbers, municipalities and pipe cleaning contractors.

Pipe Cleaning Pro November 2019 Cover

NASTT's Canadian Chapters Retained Benjamin Media to Manage No-Dig North

No-Dig NorthNASTT’s Canadian chapters retained Benjamin Media to launch and manage the first No-Dig North Show!